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By Technology, and Law Panel Science, National Research Council

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By Technology, and Law Panel Science, National Research Council

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A report of the workshop will be available in 2001. In addition, the Access to Research Data Working Group held a workshop on March 12, 2001. edu/stl>. A report of the workshop also will be available in 2001. Bibliography Anderson, Frederick R. November 29, 1991. The legal system obstructs science. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Barton, John H. 2000. Reforming the patent system. Science 287:1933-1934. Berger, Margaret. 2000. The Supreme Court’s trilogy on the admissibility of expert evidence.

He was a member of the 22 BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION 23 NAS planning committee that initiated the 1997 Academy Symposium on Science, Technology, and Law. Among his many publications is “Science Advocacy and Scientific Due Process,” Issues in Science and Technology, Summer 2000, pp. 71-76. MARGARET A. , Columbia University, Suzanne J. and Norman Miles Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School in Brooklyn, New York. She has written extensively on science and law, and in particular on three key Supreme Court cases (Daubert, Joiner, Kumho) dealing with evidence.

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