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By Glyn Richards

Via a balanced choice of texts with commentaries, this paintings combines an method of the renaissance of Hinduism and the reformation of Indian society.

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By Glyn Richards

Via a balanced choice of texts with commentaries, this paintings combines an method of the renaissance of Hinduism and the reformation of Indian society.

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8 Brahmo-Samāj Reforms After his first visit to the Samāj he took upon himself the task of reforming it. His reforms included: no caste distinctions, no incarnation restrictions and no idolatry. The founder of the Samaj, the illustrius Rammohan Roy, had died nine years before in Bristol (England). I thought to myself that as the Brāhma-Samaj had been established for the worship of Brahma, our object would be the more easily attained by amalgamating the Tatwabodhini Sabha9 with it. When I first visited the Brāhma-Samaj, I noticed that the Vedas were recited in a private room from which Sudras were excluded.

25 Marriage The best form of marriage is that by choice (Swayamvara), after the education of the contracting parties is finished and their Brahmacharya for the aforesaid periods completed. e. marriage by choice—the most ancient form of marriage in India—is the best form of marriage. Before a man and maid think of marrying, they should see that they suit each other in point of knowledge, disposition, character, beauty, age, strength, family, stature, and build of body and the like. Until they suit each other in all these things, no happiness can result from marriage.

Then that One alone existed, animated by His own power. ’16 Brahma Knowledge Tagore’s sole aim and object was to propagate knowledge of Brahma as taught in the Upanishads for the ultimate good of India. When I found the knowledge of Brahma and a system of His worship in the Upanishads, and when I came to know that this was the shastra whose authority was recognised throughout the whole of India, I resolved to propagate the Brāhma form of worship by means of the Upanishads. All our theologians revere the Upanishads as the Vedanta, the crowning point and essence of all the Vedas.

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