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By Grant Steven, Qing Li, Zhongpu Zhang

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By Grant Steven, Qing Li, Zhongpu Zhang

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Scanning force microscopic exploration of the lubrication capabilities of n-alkanethiolate monolayers chemisorbed at gold structural basis of microscopic friction and wear. Langmuir, (1997) 2504-2510,13, 0743-7463. [3] Tsukruk, V. Molecular lubricants and glues for micro- and nanodevices. Advanced Materials, (2001) 13, 95-108. ; Klein, M. ; “Simulation of a monolayer of alkyl thiol chains”, Journal of Chemical Physics, (1989), 91, 4994-5001. ; “Intermolecular potentials for branched alkanes and the vapour-liquid phase equilibria of n-heptane, 2-methylhexane, and 3-ethylpentane”, Mol.

The peak stress observed in Fig. 4 and also in Fig. 5-7, corresponds with the final time step of the applied strain. This is evidenced by an equivalent final y-axis strain in each case (see Fig. 4A and 4C). The peak could also be said to correspond with the transition from an elastic regime to a plastic deformation regime, Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 553 31 because this time step occurs at the approximate threshold for dislocation nucleation, which is roughly equivalent for the Σ5 and Σ13 cases.

5): h −h N α h = χ 0 ( S )∑ γ , (5) hS − h0 α =1 where χ 0 is the initial hardening coefficient due to dislocation accumulation, and hS and h0 are the saturated and initial hardening strength, respectively. The backstress incorporated CP constitutive model is implemented numerically into ABAQUS [20] through a user-defined material subroutine (UMAT). An implicit numerical integration procedure is adopted to solve the rate-dependent constitutive equations. 24 Advances in Computational Mechanics CPFE simulation with the TBRVE TBRVE determination The standard macro-scale test is an easy way to acquire material properties which can be conveniently used to calibrate the CP model parameters.

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