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By Alan Lenzi (editor)

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52 See Foster’s similar conceptual distinction between prayers/hymns, treated under the heading “Devotion: Speaking to the Gods,” and incantations, treated under “Divine Speech: the Magic Arts” (Akkadian Literature of the Late Period, 73 and 91). 53 See the institutional comments just below. 50 INTRODUCTION 21 ritual speech én prayer praise Fig. 54 Aside from certain kinds of royal prayers that may have included a public element to them, ancient Akkadian prayers were not spoken in a congregational setting; rather, they were individual.

Although the precatives in both texts express the speaker’s desires (wishes, hopes), only those in the second may be further qualified as petitions since petitions by definition require the involvement of one thought capable of responding (the addressee, Adad). As there is no invocation of a benevolent supra-human being to act upon the precatives in the first text, they remain conceptually at a more general level of expressed desire. Because it lacks an invocation of a benevolent supra-human being, praise, and petition the first shaziga, according to the present definition, is not a prayer (or hymn); rather, it is another form of ritual speech.

INTRODUCTION 11 ritual speech prayer praise Fig. , figurines or other items) before, during, and/or after the recitation of the verbal communication. For a variety of reasons, the descriptions of such practices may not be preserved with the texts to be recited and so may not be as easily identified. Nevertheless, attending to these other features—and therefore adjusting the definition of prayer in light of them—is important in order to avoid a truncated understanding of Mesopotamian prayer and praise.

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