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By John M. Campbell

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By John M. Campbell

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11 correctly. Formulate Questions The first step is also the least understood; for the process of question formulation determines the entire course of action that follows. Many failures observed in the past stem largely from asking the wrong questions at the very outset. Professionals have been known to work very diligently, and very professionally, providing technical and economic answers to irrelevant or unimportant questions. Learning to ask the right questions requires as much art as science, demanding teamwork from all involved.

Valuing investment opportunities requires accurately estimating the costs and benefits of a project. Some have compared the process to balancing a checkbook - measuring the money flows into and out of the checking account each period. Real world investing is actually more complex, but essentially the same process. The process estimates money (revenue) received, then deducts all costs (investment cost, operating cost, and taxes). 1 outlines the basic format for measuring the net increase ( or decrease) in value.

Accounting and tax planning 10. Play and prospect evaluation Each topic involves different participants, with unique goals and objectives, often with strong emotional and technical conflicts. Maintaining a professional demeanor, without falling into the associated emotional traps, challenges even the most experienced and knowledgeable. Because each category has different needs and requirements, selecting the right approach often defies the unwary. The evaluation approach must be tailored to the specific purpose of the client.

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