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By B.V. Gueorguiev

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By B.V. Gueorguiev

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New species for the fauna of Albania. 11. 1. Dyschirius macroderus macroderus Chaudoir, 1850 References. Dyschirius macroderus: Apfelbeck, 1907a: 496 (Buenë River Outfall). Notes. Balkenohl (2003: 226) has omitted the species for Albania. Actually D. macroderus needs further confirmation for the country. 12. 1. Dyschirius minutus albanicus J. Müller, 1922 References. Dyschirius minutus albanicus: Müller, 1922b: 48, 82-83 (Berat, loc. , 1997: 9. Dyschirius punctatus albanicus: Müller, 1923: 107 (Osum River near Berat, loc.

Bonavita & Vigna Taglianti (2005) concluded that A. caraboides and A. nebulosum are two distinct species, the first monotypic and living in Central Europe, the second polytypic (with four subspecies) and living in South Europe and Anatolia. The record of Murraj (1968) about Bembidion elegans is based on misidentification. Except the material mentioned above the present author has seen further more than 40 s. in MNHUB, which remained unregistered. 3. Asaphidion rossii (Schaum, 1857) References. , 2003: 243.

1993: 42. Notes. This species is questionable for Albania due to lack of exact records. On the other side, it was quoted for the neighboring countries Montenegro and Serbia. Tribe CYCHRINI Laporte, 1834 11. 1. Cychrus semigranosus Palliardi, 1825 # Cychrus semigranosus semigranosus Palliardi, 1825 References. Cychrus semigranosus semigranosus: Häckel, 2003: 205. Notes. This record is referred to the ssp. montenegrinus because the nominotypical race does not populate Albania. # Cychrus semigranosus balcanicus Hopffgarten, 1881 References.

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