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By Jonathan Hetreed, Ann Ross, Visit Amazon's Charlotte Baden-Powell Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Charlotte Baden-Powell,

Basic details; making plans; buildings; providers; construction parts; fabrics

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By Jonathan Hetreed, Ann Ross, Visit Amazon's Charlotte Baden-Powell Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Charlotte Baden-Powell,

Basic details; making plans; buildings; providers; construction parts; fabrics

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Nightwood, Djuna Barnes' unusual and sinuous travel de strength, "belongs to that small category of books that by some means mirror a time or an epoch" (Times Literary Supplement). that point is the interval among the 2 global Wars, and Barnes' novel unfolds within the decadent shadows of Europe's nice towns, Paris, Berlin, and Vienna—a international during which the limits of sophistication, faith, and sexuality are daring yet unusually porous.

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